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Creative Business Maintenance Services To Change

Your Complete Online Presence

Business Maintenance Service Features:

  • Log file retrieval
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Multi channel support
  • Response and Restoration
  • Mobile application support
  • Software upgrades and updates

Our Business Maintenance Service Includes

How to maintain your technology investment?

Fedobe, a web development company also known for its business maintenance services which includes multi-site, global retailers with cost-effective facilities to meet competitive business solutions. At Fedobe we include domain and hosting services, traffic analysis and reporting, business email and monitoring services along with on site changes in our business maintenance plan.

Why Fedobe?

  • Firmware upgrades & weekly backups
  • 24*7 Security & Website Monitoring, , Traffic Analysis & Reporting
  • Business Email Setup, support & Monitoring, Domain & Hosting Management

Domain & Hosting Management help?

Whether you want to manage your website or let us allow managing it for you, we at Fedobe offers high performance based industry leading domain and hosting management services. Our team manages hosting services to make your website run smoothly and with best protection. With enterprise-grade servers & multiple daily backups of your databases & emails we take care of your security.

Why Fedobe?

  • New Domain Registrations & Default domain renewals
  • Varied Professional domain & hosting management services
  • Creating sub domains for your site, Checking site popularity, support & monitoring

Need Traffic Analysis To Track Your Progress?

At Fedobe we are offering traffic analysis and reporting services help our web marketing clients to highlights web traffic, keyword popularity, conversions, website maintenance and many more. Our reports are depending upon company functionalities, whether simple or complex strategy. Reliable yet flexible traffic analysis and hosting services advantage to varied reporting packages.

Why Fedobe?

  • Finding out the traffic sources & optimizing them
  • Valuable suggestions On where traffics are coming from
  • Enhancing your conversion rate by lead generation,Focusing on higher return on your investment

Looking for business email set up & Monitoring?

Fedobe allows you to evaluate your mail server performance with regular reports and analysis. Fedobe’s business email set up and monitoring services cover a wide range of monitoring solutions. includeing outgoing, SMTP communication, POP and IMAP incoming messages. With our monitoring service, you can hold your SMPT, POP and IMAP mail performance according to business needs.

Why Fedobe?

  • Spam complaints and traps
  • SMTP monitoring & IMAP and POP Round Trip Sensor
  • Email certification for whitelists, Email authentication & Email deliverability

Have any onsite change requests?

Every business maintenance needs proper on site changes to deal with their customized business strategies. Fedobe business maintenance creates its on site changes according to customer business standards. The regular maintenance deals with updating content, graphics, display latest products and services according to business offers, changing communications for the company, adding the latest features to turn visitors into real customers.

Why Fedobe?

  • Add/Remove text/video/PDFs/Form/New Pages
  • Theme Changing , CMS Updates & New Blog Set Up
  • eCommerce- Adding Products & Product Management

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