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Custom Email Setup Services To Change

Your Complete Online Presence

Joomla Hosting Service Features:

  • PHP mail settings
  • Secured protection
  • Mandrill Integration
  • Complete SMTP setup section
  • wireless remote internet access
  • Hassle free mail delivery methods

Our Email Setup Service Includes

Looking For Email Set Up help?

At Fedobe we set up our customer’s email server, which creates your email server, to manage of your own, without any help. We provide you multiple email accounts to our customers based on varied provider’s prospects,starting from small to biggest and popular email services etc.Our email set up service includes POP3, IMAP, SMTP, HTTP servers with solving  all your troubleshooting queries by providing seamless mailing service.

Why Fedobe?

  • Offer pre-filled configuration
  • Test your server to inspect bounce emails,  Customized email set up
  • Secure password authentication, Email set up troubleshooting solutions

Webmail/POP3/IMAP/SMTP Access

At Fedobe we support all common standard mail protocols including SMTP, POP3, IMAP4, LDAP and HTTP protocols. Our primary goal is to provide a simple interface to users, which must be self explanatory and easy to use. Our unlimited web mail includes better spam protection with the comprehensive suite of filters. All of our advanced technologies are aiming towards providing great security support to customers and business partners.

Why Fedobe?

  • Unlimited web mail services
  • Customized email set up, Email setup troubleshooting solutions
  • Secure authentication services, Round the clock technical support

Outlook, Thunderbird & Windows Mail Compilable

Are you looking for those email services to grow your business then look into Fedobe best email services? Fedobe is welcoming all top email services along with their advance features and extensions for better business and product improvements that fit to your business goals and objectives. Now you can enjoy top email services through windows, outlook email and thunderbird mail setup services.

Why Fedobe?

  • Customized email marketing with top email services
  • Powerful webmail solutions,24x7x365 technical support
  • Secure webmail functionalities, Niche email services to deal with the competitive web trend

Smart Phones Compatibility to Bring Corporate Revolution?

Within these few years, smartphones are turning as necessary business tool apart from solving communicating one end to other end, Fedobe understands the upcoming business needs and exposing a number of options infornt of customers to select from. Among top email services based smart phones you need to go for smart features according to your business needs.

Why Fedobe?

  • Advance features of all smart phone applications
  • Scalable email services,  Customize iPhone, BlackBerry, Android utilization
  • Compatible Smartphone corporate applications,24×7 technical support

Email spam protection with email spam filtering services

It is necessary for every online business to protect themselves from spyware, virus, spam and adware.
Fedobe Solution provides challenging anti-spam service to save your time and money by blocking unnecessary messages. We are specialized to make you free from adware, spyware and viruses. Our spam protection service features are available to all of our web hosting and email hosting services.

Why Fedobe?

  • Multi-platform server capabilities
  • 99% guarantee satisfaction, Compatible with every email server
  • Increases performance and reduces email threats, Affordable email spam protection services

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