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Magento SEO Service Overview:

  • Prominent business directories
  • Tier keywords identified application
  • Competitive link building strategies
  • Both on-page and off-page optimization
  • Site Map and Robot.txt file Analysis and Creation

Magento SEO Detailed Features

Magento Keyword Research

Our professional Mangento seo services like keyword research and optimization will help you to rank top in majore search engines.

Product Review/Description

Our evolutionary magento seo extension will provide you full control on your features for better product review and description.

On Page Optimization

We are working on robust ecommerce platform to offer you best industry leading on page optimization for magento platform.

Key Business Directories

Our Magento search engine extension improves your search engine position in corporate world because we are mainly focusing on key business directories.

Competitive Link Building

Our keyword analysis is primarily focusing competitor funcitionalities and SEO results to build strong competitive link building strategies.

Social Bookmarking

Working on social bookmarking strategies are main focusing area of increasing popularity and building your brand in online marketing world.

How We Work?

  • In the initial stage of the campaign, will fix all the technical issues of your website to make it more search engine friendly
  • Then as per optimization strategies, we will finalize the required number of targeted keywords to optimize your website with.
  • After that we will create high quality backlinks for your website with those targeted keywords by submitting your website to popular & high quality websites.
  • As a result, your keywords will rank well high in all major search engines and your website will get a huge amount of targeted traffic.
  • In addition to that we also include social media optimization &conversion rate optimizationalong our SEO services to attract more & more visitors to your website.

Why Choose Us?

Online Presence That Enhances Customer Satisfaction

At Fedobe Solutions, we help you create websites that perform, apply SEO to your Magento store and benefit from it,thereby, help your business grow faster than ever during the process. We understand that in order to succeed online, you need a unique and effective website, SEO incorporated features and functions, a powerful online presence and the ability to offer your visitors more of the online experience that they ever had. We focus on creating an effective website with Magento seo optimization that incorporates the requirements of the technology today. We offer our clients with complete flexibility with control over customization, content and functionality necessary to compete online. We also offer admin facilities that make it possible to create effective websites as well as manage Magento seo services perfectly, enabling businesses to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Affordable Price Plus No Hidden Cost

Our powerful Magento seo packages have been designed to give your website the utmost exposure and maximum search engine visibility. At Fedobe, we take great pride in offering the latest web technologies ecommerce has to offer for our MAgento seo services at an affordable price. There are no hidden charges and no surprises regarding any additional costs for Magento seo services while making your website easy to navigate with Magento layered navigation. With the power of Magento and our knowledge on checkout rates and Magento seo optimization, we promise to increase your online sales and customer return rates within a cost that meets your budget. We know that growing your business requires more than working capital for Magento seo optimization and we are here to ease that process.

Optimized Search Engine Codes For Better SEO Value

We employ a full-time team of SEO experts who would not only just edit your website for Magento seo services, but also understand every aspect of Magento seo optimization exactly to assess your competition and build your own Magento seo strategy accordingly. We recognize that seo for Magento is not a one-time project, but a constantly evolving and ever-changing task that requires optimized search engine codes for better SEO value. Our expert team tests your websites for every piece of broken codes or any coding errors and every line of duplicate content that can hinder your search engines value for Magento seo services.Moreover, we also analyze keyword density, anchor text usage, accuracy in grammar and spelling, search engine relevance and customer appeal with an intention to outdo your competition in the search engine game.

Customer Centric Approach In Designing

We see our customers as strategic partners and not just mere clients. Our customer-centric approach towards Magento seo optimization helps create a brand experience that connects you to the demographics as well as the psychographics of your target consumers. We consider your customer experience very important for Magento seo and our goal is to achieve a unique look and feel for your website so that your customers will want to visit your website again and again from time to time. Our customer centric approach ensures that every design detail meets your needs and creates a unique experience for your customers. Besides, our customer-centric content marketing strategy will drive qualified leads to your inbox as we follow the most efficient and client-centric processes to assure the fastest Magento seo services for our clients.

Result-oriented Solutions

We afford maximum strength to supply the market boom and up the most Magento seo services for your online trade. Our expert team gives you the advance and successful results in keyword research, competitor analysis, offsite optimization, useful backlinks, onsite optimization, website audit, and a lot more to work with you to help you achieve your specific requirements that best suit your business needs, your vision and your budget. We make the web work for your business as we take you through the architectural concepts, bespoke designs and marketing features to achieve your vision. Our result-oriented Magento seo solutions will keep your website away from keyword stuffing, reciprocal links and from getting lots of directory backlinks for your website and offer complete flexibility and control over the custom features and functions that would, in turn, complement your online business through our seo for Magento. 

Live Project Management To Track Realtime

At Fedobe, we help you attract new visitors, drive enormous business sales, improve customer retention, promote your business products as well as sell on new channels through our live project management for Magento seo services to track real time. Not only this, our brilliant team also works together to grow your business online by increasing your revenue per order and recover abandoned checkouts by providing smart recommendations through our powerful Magento seo optimization. You can grow your social presence by engaging with your customers and track customer sharing as well as promote your Magento store via Twitter, Facebook, and much more with us. By analyzing customer behavior, tracking as well as forecasting sales, organizing sales data and conversion rates, Fedobe can help you make informed decisions to grow your business and take it to a whole new level. 

Professional Zend Certified Developers

Our professional Zend certified developers specialize in PHP web development and assure that they have a good rounded and in-depth understanding of the PHP programming language to make the best use of its various features for building robust and well-performing PHP code. We offer our clients with world class Magento seo services and work successfully to deliver our clients with excellent Magento seo services, combining our Magento seo optimization expertise with your core service. We ensure that our developers have a good understanding of the various facets and idiosyncracies of Magento when it comes to bug-fixing and optimizing Magento websites and can produce great custom Magento modules that adhere to established best practices.

Free Customization Consulting From Experts

Fedobe Solutions can help take your ecommerce business to the next level with a wide variety of our customization consulting and marketing services. Our developers are knowledgeable enough to offer you with the expert advice necessary to make right decisions for your Magento store. Our marketing consultants and SEO experts with a team of Magento developers and a dedicated project manager for Magento seo services will assist your company in making right decisions about Magento extensions, hosting companies and various marketing strategies that are prone to affect your sales. Our consulting services are not only designed to get you started on the store, but also makes sure you get started on the right footing with all the social marketing and Magento seo optimization features in place for your sustained future success.

Meeting The Growing Challenges Of Online Business

We offer maximum flexibility and scalability to grow your business by building seamlessly customized solutions for Magento seo that successfully meets your unique business needs. Our Magento developers and project managers boast in-depth Magento expertise and use the latest technology to effectively give your site the perfect look, content and functionality, maximizing its speed, performance and user comfort. You can maximize the functionality of your online stores with our extensive array of custom Magento extensions and enhanced Magento functionality that supports a variety of advanced features. Our Magento seo services are committed to your success and help you consistently raise the visitor numbers, increased sales and more new customers, giving you the best possible return on investment that dramatically helps grow your bottom line. We always keep up with and ahead of all the latest developments to provide you the most cost-effective Magento seo services and a sustainable means to market your business online anywhere in the world.

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