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Gone are the Days when you say Magento sites are Slower by default!

Here is why you must upgrade to Magento 2.0 Now.

1. Higher Scalability!

2. Less Load on Server!

3. Higher Conversion!

4. Lots of Time Saving!


Built in Full Page Caching

With an in build full page caching in both community and enterprise version, Magento builds out all your pages in a static file system, making the server load much lower, almost 1-2 secs in comparison to 5-10secs for non-cached pages.

Varnish 4 Support

Magento 2.0 comes supported with Varnish 4.0 and that’s quite a big deal for biggest ecommerce sites who have always craved for lightening fast web pages. Along with the Built in FPC, Varnish literally makes your site fly! Take our words.

Less Load on Server

In Built Full Page caching and varnish 4 support means, lightening fast rendering web pages and ultimately less load on server. Magento 2, saves you from gigantic hosting environment. You get more visitors with less hosting infrastructure.

100+ People Can Checkout Together

With reduced table locking, now your store won’t crash like in previous versions, when more than 100+ people try to checkout at a time. With database improvements and MySQL table optimization, Magento 2 has solved this finally.

10M Catalog Pageviews/hr

Assuming the same hardware configuration what you currently have, Magento 2 now supports 10 million catalog page views per an hour vs 500,000 page views per hour in Magento 1.4 – Magento 1.9 versions. And that’s a 1900% improvement!

52% Faster Add to Cart

A lot have been said to make the “add to cart” action fast! In Magento 2, the overall shopping experience is 25% faster and adding products to cart is 52% faster, in comparison to its previous versions and that matters a lot!

Faster Page Load => Better End-User Experience => Higher Conversion!



Separate Standalone DB for all

Till now, there was only a single mysql database to run the whole thing and this has been a point of failure in past. Magento 2 has solved this with standalone databases for everything you want – frontend, order management, checkout, all different!

Concurrent Product Management

Because of the major database improvements, now you can have concurrent product management, i.e. more than 25+ people can update products in the system all together, at a time, without making the system slow.

Concurrent Order Management

As you can have single standalone databse for order management, without having to run magento out of a sngle mysql database, so now you can have concurrent order management, with 50+ users can process orders in the backend.

Clean, Modern Code Base

All those bad, non-optimized code of previous versions have been removed and Magento 2 is a clean fresh start for merchants. It gives developers new opportunities to extend Magento more creatively and effectively.

Better APIs & Modular Core

With a fresh beginning, Magento 2 provides a clean code structure to developers to build applications upon. The JS call response code has been reduced. The core has been made modular with better theming and layout options.

Reduced Table Locking

With database improvements like standalone database for checkout, mySQL table has been optimized to have more number of people to place order in the system at a single instant, Which is a major breakthrough for bigger merchants.

Separate Standalone Database => Proper Load Balancing => Higher Scalability!



Create an Account can Wait!

With new improved checkout process in Magento 2, it allows the customers to place an order as a guest and once they complete the purchase, it gives an option to create an account on the order success page.

Zip Code Ahead of City/State

The new, streamlined checkout process of Magento 2 auto populates your city and state from the zip code (being smart) and there by auto-estimate your shipping rates, without another java script reload.

Less Form Fields

With an eye on user experience, Magento 2 has significantly reduced the form fields in its checkout process in comparison to the boring 5 step one in lower versions, making more conversion an obvious factor for merchants.

Auto-Populate Shipping Info

With reduced number of checkout steps and form fields, Magento 2 has significantly improved the checkout process in its latest version by taking the zip code ahead of city/state, which auto populates your shipping info, without another JS load.

Quicker Credit Card Entry

Finally, the credit card type field is removed. Magento itself chooses the card type based on the credit card number. It was pretty obvious that anything that’s starts with 3 is Amex, 4 is Visa and 5 is Mastercard.

Convert Guest Customers

With an option for guest customers to register on the site after they checkout, who wont wants to sign up? It’s a smart move from magento to let customers place the order first (the primary objective) and then register to further explore.

Streamlined Checkout Process => Less Cart Abandonment => Higher Conversion!



Customized Admin Grid

We have been personally seeing merchants buying a customized admin grid previously for a smoother operation. Magento 2 has heard the pain of operational team for a better support system in the admin backend area.

Create a Grid View in Admin Area

With customized admin grid options, Magento 2 lets business admins create a grid view in admin area for page titles, SKUs, inventory levels etc and let them edit the information right on the page, in the grid. Amazing is the word!

Bulk Images for Products

For sites dealing with 10,0000+ products, it’s a kind of a big deal! With concurrent product management options, Magento 2 allows bigger merchants to apply unique images by attributes to each SKUs or a single set of images to all SKUs.

Bulk Pricing Update

Removing the age old concept of magento sites being handled by one person, Magento 2 allows admins to apply pricing to a single set of images or in bulk to all. Everything is bigger and for better. A Time Savior of course!

Easy Product Configuration

Creating product configuration has been made easy in Magento 2. Business Admins can now use visual editors, specially made to build product configuration, to create attribute values with checkboxes. A great step indeed!

Improved CMS

With a clean code structure, modular APIs, intuitive backend interface, Magento 2 has made it very easier to work with, in comparison to its previous versions, and giving a tough competition to wordpress on CMS experience.

Intuitive Interface => Easier Backend Management => Lot of Time Saving!

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Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the Up-gradation Process?

We first create a staging server (on your end or our end, depending on your choice) and migrate the entire db and files of your current site to the test server and upgrade it to Magento 2.0. The migration would include, migrating all orders, customers and and products. After we migrate and upgrade the db to 1.9.1, we will list come for the extension upgradation. In this process, we will check each extension one by one for his latest version available in marketplace with their download links (both free and Premium) and upgrade them as well.
If by chance, there is no updated version of any extension previously used in the marketplace, then we will look for alternate options for the feature, either to develop a new extension for it or going with another extension from marketplace. (we will consult with you here for your choice of action)
The time estimate for this process depends on the number of extensions you have.  For a rough estimate, usually it takes one week for a store having less than 10 number of extensions to upgrade ( here you have to coordinate with us in giving all previous details of where you have bought the extension, to get the download link)

Why Choose Us?

Being a Magento development company for more than 4+ years, we have enough expertise on end to end Magento development. In Past, we have successfully upgraded many Magento stores for previous version releases. Our process is transparent and support is heroic. We make sure your store running 24×7 while you sleep – and that’s a big promise from us! We guarantee 99.9% up time being your IT support team, while you focus on your business goals.

Will there be any downtime in my website?

No, as we will be doing the upgradation in the staging server, so there will be no downtime to the current website.

What if I have heavy customization already done on certain modules?

We can take care of any heavy customization you have already in your website, but based on the extent of customization and time needed, we might charge extra for this. For minor customization, we try our best to include that in your upgradation quote.

What if some of my extensions are not supporting Magento 2?

We can help you upgrade those extensions, if the extension company is not releasing the newest version. However the charges are not included in our initial quote.

Do you offer any additional service along with upgradation? 

Yes, we are a complete end to end Magento solution provider, anything you need in Magento, we can do it for you. Most of our upgradation clients prefer to start with redesigning of their website.

What are the charges?

Up-gradation charges vary from case by case basis, depending on your store size and number of extensions you are using.  Please fill up the form below and we will get back to you on the quotation.

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