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Social Network Management Features:

  • Social Profile Creation
  • Social Media Branding & Promotion
  • Social Campaign for User Aquisition
  • Brand Promotion on all social networks
  • Increased traffic from social platforms
  • Social Media Fan Page, Event, Group Creation

Our Proven Social Network Management Service Includes

Profile Creation

We start our social network service by learning your business goals by following your social marking plans.Our social profile creation networking adds social channels, create unique business contents and distribution, engage with your community.

Social Branding

Fedobe expertise team is creating various campaigns to deliver unique results with increased rate of growth. We are engaged with both the services like social network marketing and social media optimization to connect from root level with our targeted customers.

Social Marketing

At Fedobe we understand that social networking optimization is the best possible service for establishing new connections with customers, that’s why we focus on providing latest product and services information for direct interactions with customers.

Social Consulting

Interactive online engagements have several pros and cons and at Fedobe we understand every aspect of social media utilization to create an effective social media consultancy.Our Social Media Experts provide you practical solutions to ensure with effective results.

Let’s Get Started!

  • We have a number of social network management packages to choose from. Once you select a package as per your requirement and place the order, you will be assigned a dedicated social media manager for your business.
  • Your business status will be analysed on all social media platforms and accordingly social profile will be created.
  • After your profile set up, we will go for social media branding of your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest account based on your business requirements.
  • A detailed reporting will be given every week about your social media branding and user aquisition.

Benefits Of Our Service!

Affordable Price Plus No Hidden Cost

Our affordable social network management service, we at Fedobe offers competitive features to start best internet marketing services.  To start, Fedobe is covering the latest marketing trend by using social networking site to publicize your online business. For the sake of your business convenience, we are outsourcing social media marketing and social profile management campaigns at affordable price. Our successful social networking strategy pay full attention to your blogging, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn updating. Our virtual social media can turn as a great help when you are managing your service single- handedly. Our affordable prices saves cost and manpower for your online business. You can shape up your business with our features as we are providing most reliable social profile management services with out any hidden charges.

A professional team of Social Media Experts

At Fedobe we manage the complete set-up of all your Social Media accounts. Our expertise team prepare every plan and activity by keeping in mind creating your online brand at first. We are completing the long registration processes for you and save your time to concentrate more on business.  Our expertise team tracks your social media activities to prepare best campaign to target your audience. We never allow spam technologies in your account and keep them totally clean. We are including social media marketing service, which serve as a big part of search engine optimization with social signals to set your website for strong online ranking.

Faster Turnaround time with Guaranteed Satisfaction

Fedobe’s social network management service with organizations’ web design development challenges creates a unique combination of next-generation platforms. . Fedobe social profile management go beyond mere capture and archival, into the realm of intelligent interpretation to help customers to optimize business online processes intelligently to the right persons at the right time in the right format. By applying all smart features for social network management service we ensure right medium of information spreading and collecting by providing unmatched versatility to client with faster turnaround time with guaranteed satisfaction. The experts at Fedobe provide full service social media set up, design and management for your company.

Regular Reports & Support with no Additional Cost

In Fedobe Social network mManagement service provides a comprehensive solution for your online businesses to become actively involved in social channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. Within our social profile management we analyse business companies and go through business analysis to prepare a report for futher application. The benefits of social media include improved search engine rankings and website traffic, increased brand awareness and your brand’s online footprint, ability to monitor conversations and address customer service issues, and engagement with current and prospective clients. Our social network management service includes round the clock technical and clientele support without any additional cost.

Wide Range of Packages based on your requirements

Fedobe social network management service refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through various social media sites. In our all social media network service packages we are including social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Linkedin with other social sites. Our social profile management service includes profile management, profile setup, technology support, consulting, training support, consulting and reporting etc. We are practicing diverse marketing strategy by considering different areas of internet marketing with assured return to our clients.

Our Services, Targeted to diverse Niche Industries

At Fedobe through our social network management service, we use number of social networks to provide services to various industries. Whether you are in any business, industry, corporate sector, we are able to manage and include our services by combining your services. Whether you want to manage your blog, or various social networking sites, our social media profile will help you to create appealing profile. In our social media network management we are practicing both set up and manage your online business with entire social media presence working with consultative basis.  We ensure complete in depth understanding of your business to engage your targeted market in online business.

Increased ROI with Real Viral Marketing Strategies

At Fedobe we know social media optimization plays a vital role in promoting the company and building the contacts in various areas of business, industry and corporate sectors. In our social network management service, we are managing million of blogs, thousand of tweets per second and the enormous growth in the number of the users dealing with the social networking sites like face book, Google plus, p interest, Bing, twitter and linked in has proved that the social media is used by the large number of the people worldwide. About 90% of the buyers are using the social media agency for the rapid increase in their marketing ROI. 

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