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Make It Secure & Scalable WordPress Maintenance Services

And Maintain Consistency in Your Business Today

WordPress Maintenance Service Overview:

  • Protect Against Hacking and Malware
  • Consistant and Scheduled Maintenance
  • Update WordPress Theme and Plugin Files
  • WP Core File Updates with New Version Releases
  • Live Maintenance Monitoring by Project Management

WordPress Maintenance Service Detailed Features

WP Theme Setup

In WordPress platform our development team provide awesome support in theme setting, designing and developing smoothly with every version. 

WordPress Upgrade

Fedobe safely upgrade your WordPress core, update plugins and themes to support your compatibility to ensure your website to stay online.

WP Emergency Fixes

Fedobe maintains regular website maintenance to secure your updates with emergency fixes to prevent potential exploits of your WP website or blog.

Uptime Monitoring

Our SEO uptime monitoring services include daily WordPress backups, website restoration, website migration, database optimization services.

Security Scanning

We are offering WordPress security audit for your site to prevent malicious activity with customize offsite backup optimization with right security scanning. 

Fixing Installation Issues

Constant development at Fedobe make Wordpess to include new functionalities such as new releases, fixing bugs issue and security loopholes. 

How We Work?

      • As all your business and website information will help us in creating a well-performing website, we want you to provide your data support to proceed for the same.
      • Our WP Development team will give a detailed proposal for an estimated budget and time needed to complete the work.
      • You will have to pay 50% of the payment in advance after confirming on the project so that we can get started with our work.
      • Once we are done with the project, we will send our work to you for any kind of verification you want.
      • When you finally approve our work, you can process the pending 50% of the payment in order to view your project on your server.

Why Choose Us?

Customer-centric WordPress Maintenance

At Fedobe, we offer our clients a combination of strategy, creativity and cutting-edge technology while maintaining a dynamic customer-centric approach towards delivering the best solutions for WordPress maintenance. We implement best practice processes and development methodologies to deliver quality solutions to our clients and their customers. Our WordPress maintenance services display maturity and flexibility, based on the project-at-hand and customer-visible.We differentiate ourselves in our approach towards our clients by delivering high-quality, client-centric solutions with a long-term growth perspective rather than on a project-to-project basis.Our single-minded approach for WordPress help is consistent towards total customer satisfaction as we work together towards achieving a common goal by sharing your business value in a long and mutually beneficial way.

Extensive Research For Competitive Advantage

We help create an edge over your competitors to have a competitive advantage that takes strategic planning and extensive research on your target market to place your business at the top.  We follow standard coding method, provide a pixel-perfect WordPress theme compatible with almost all the browsers, light-weight layout to enhance loading speed, maintain transparency between clients and our WordPress maintenance service team in order to give our clients an edge over their competitors. To help you stay focused, we offer several monthly WordPress maintenance packages to ensure that your WordPress website stays up to date, theme and plugin updates, provide regular backups of your site in the unfortunate event that your site goes down, as well as content updates for all our busy clients.We offer businesses the opportunity to focus on what is important, serving their customers. Our flexible and affordable WordPress customer support plans with extensive research on your target market helps you gain huge competitive advantage in the world market.

Result-Oriented Solutions

Fedobe Solutions has been known for its professional and result-oriented WordPress Maintenance services, no matter which content management system your website uses. With the help of our years of experience in WordPress customer support, we develop various CMS-based web apps and proven skills for maintaining websites and applications that enable us to smoothly tackle all the maintenance related issues with your WordPress-based website. Our effective WordPress maintenance services help website owners be aware of any broken links in their website, adding more functionality, update contents on a regular basis with new version of CMS, any spelling errors or grammatical mistakes within contents, well-display of website images and much more. At Fedobe, we help you reduce the overall cost with our result-oriented internet marketing strategy that can yield a terrific return on investment on our WordPress help.

Hassle-free CSV Import Service

Fedobe provides hassle-free CSV import service for powerful WordPress maintenance services that can offer high benefits to your businesses. We have a team of highly dedicated professionals who can help you with the heavy lists of WordPress CSV product import needs.Our motivated professionals are experienced enough to provide all our existing and potential clients with the best WordPress help ever.Our CSV importer plugin helps in mass product upload in an WordPress website where we can add every property and product attribute via WordPress CSV. We help upload your CSV files to your WordPress websites so that you can now post a layout with styles, set up campaigns and settings to configure any automated custom field creation, automated category creation, keyword description, tag creation, and more. The special features that our plugin offers can help customize your posts on a URL so that you no longer have to rely exclusively on the default settings.

Live Project Management To Track Real-time

Our live project management for WordPress emergency fix helps in live site preview without going to the WordPress customer support mode. The brilliant project management team of Fedobe works really hard to modify your WordPress site, including theme templates and CSS without your visitors seeing your changes until you want them to.Our No Downtime Maintenance Mode plugin allows your users to continue accessing your site as normal, while you work on the layout and content behind the scenes. When this plugin is active any changes you make within your WordPress dashboard shall not be visible to other visitors of your website. Not only can you make changes to your website and theme templates, but also to the CSS or info pages which your visitors cannot see until you are happy with them.

Professional WP Developers

Fedobe caters its WordPress maintenance services with the highly-skilled and technically proficient team for PSD to WordPress conversion, WordPress CMS design and development, customization of PSD to WordPress, Customized Blog, WordPress theme creation, WordPress theme, WordPress template customization and integration, Modules development and Installation, WordPress website optimization and modification etc. Moreover, our professional WordPress developers team seeks to accomplish its WordPress help project within committed time and without compacting the high-quality working standards for WordPress emergency fix. The developers monitor your site on an ongoing basis and make changes that improve your site performance for faster download and improved spreading of your content.

Free Customization Consulting From Experts

At Fedobe, we craft custom, fixed-price WordPress maintenance services and wordpress customer support plans to the specifics of our clients’ existing environment to shower on them the top WordPress help for their website. Our customization consulting experts help create professional WordPress websites that are custom-designed to best fit your needs and your overall budget. Our WordPress consulting team has been available around the clock and we can help you with everything from hosting set up and troubleshooting to plugin installation and customization as our effective WordPress customer support. All the beautiful and robust WordPress website design projects by our expert team are based on the WordPress CMS platform and we are happy to be your dedicated WordPress consultant and the WordPress customer support for consulting whenever you need them.

Faster Turnaround Time And Quick Response Time

Our professional WordPress support plans provide peace of mind knowing that your WordPress website is safe, optimized and that you have an expert team ready to jump in to assist with any WordPress-related issue you may have.We also provide essential automatic backups, managed updates and tech support via email. Fedobe offers all the essentials with the addition of hands-on support for bloggers and businesses who want extra help and advice managing their websites. At Fedobe, we include hand-coded W3C valid WordPress themes, cross-browser compatible WordPress themes and templates, 100% satisfaction guarantee or refund of money,full online after-sales support,free technical support, and a lot more when it comes to providing our best WordPress maintenance service to clients.

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