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WordPress Upgrade Service Overview:

  • Ensuring Minimum Disruption For Your Store
  • Proper Testing in Upgrading WP Software
  • Backup WP Files and Database
  • WP 3rd Party Extensions upgrade and set up
  • WordPress Quality Test at upgradation end

WordPress Upgrade Service Detailed Features

WordPress Website Upgrade

At Fedobe WordPress website upgrading service turns your old website into new one with advance features in an easy, quick and simple procedure.

WordPress Theme Upgradation

We are including flexibility within wordpress theme upgradation service, so that you can easily upgrade any theme by coping with latest versions.

WordPress Plugin Upgrade

We at Fedobe try to give our 100% for completing all clientele requirements through our WordPress plugin upgrade with error-free and easy solutions. 

WordPress Security Upgrade

Our experts always stayed updated with latest WordPress security fixes to protect your blog and website from any error, virus or any invalid access.

WordPress Backup

Our WordPress backup strategies includes regular backups for database, files, posts, folders, themes and images with easy restore solutions. 

WP Extenstion Upgrade

Our WP extension upgradation brings new features and functionalities with latest codes and widgets to improve your blog or website with latest versions. 

How We Work?

      • You are required to provide your business information to help us greatly in creating a feature-rich website for you.
      • Our Web development team will analyze all your details and come out with an estimated proposal for your website.
      • If you are satisfied with our work, you will have to pay 50% of the payment in advance so that we can start your project efficiently.
      • After we have done with the project, you can verify and suggest for any modification.
      • Once you finally approve our work, you need to process the rest 50% of the payment to get your project completed on your server.

Why Choose Us?

Customer-centric WordPress Upgrade

We believe that your customers are the source of real growth, and for this reason, we combine in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in WordPress SEO services to help our clients create sustainable organic growth. As we follow the best coding standards, our customers get only the best solutions available in the market for WordPress upgradation. Our customer-centric approach gains valuable insight into how to apply performance metrics and upgrading WordPress processes in order to meet the needs of our most valuable customers. Our unique understanding of market dynamics and value drivers across all industries provide our clients with the tools and information they need to be successful. All our customer-centric approach provide a framework for dealing more effectively with customer data processes, and interactions in order to improve customer relationships and increase customer lifetime value.

Competitive Advantage With Extensive Research

Our team for upgrading WordPress believe in the power of good SEO and have built a consulting practice around our collective knowledge and the hard work we are willing to dedicate to your WordPress upgradation project. Our competitive advantage helps companies break down barriers to innovation and improve ongoing customer-led product development so that their value proposition is differentiated and meets customer needs. We understand the importance of embracing new technologies for attaining strategic advantage in today’s competitive era. Therefore, we work hard to make sure that our clients derive maximum advantages on our WordPress upgrade based on the latest web-based technologies. With our extensive research on your target market, we use industry-best practices for upgrading WordPress web applications to improved platforms.

Result-Oriented Solutions

Our innovative solutions for WordPress upgradation are compatible with upgraded versions of WordPress with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the architectural framework and structural capabilities of WordPress that go a long way in successful deployment, integration and back-end support. We identify our customers’ specific needs and requirements and plan accordingly to provide them with the services they require for upgrading WordPress, accompanied by a high level of customer support for our WordPress upgradation service. Our value-oriented and conversion-oriented solutions for upgrading WordPress increases the presence and power of your WordPress website and business to an optimum extent.

Hassle Free CSV Import Service

Our hassle-free CSV import service lets you manage all your imports from one place and is designed to be easy to use and integrate with any WordPress upgrade plugin in order to build well-performing websites for WordPress.You can check the files for updates and update your posts accordingly while importing files from a website. Importing CSV files is very simple and easy with Fedobe because we map your CSV headers to relevant WP fields. Our importer will import all your data under CSV headers to relevant fields one after another. Our ultimate CSV importer plugin turns your offline data as WordPress post, page or custom post data by simple mapping feature as CSV file import.

Live Project Management To Track Real-time

Our online project management system lets you collaborate with project resources, analyze risks, coordinate schedules, manage project users and make your project a success through powerful planning, production, execution, monitoring and controlling. We help keep projects on track and track its progress in real-time. While live visitors get updated automatically without refreshing the page, our WordPress upgrade supports to completely change the look and feel as well as the width, height, color, etc of your website using our shortcode. Our project management tools for WordPress upgradation not only help you plan and design effective ways to manage your work flow, track business sales, and provide services that helps manage people and projects simultaneously. Our expert project managers who are skilled enough in upgrading WordPress monitor performance and track revenue to ensure your success with proven methodologies.

Professional WP Developers

We have a competent team of highly qualified specialists for upgrading WordPress who work hard to continually develop unique WordPress upgradation strategies that are custom-tailored for your individual needs.Our professional team has several years of experience of real world on-page SEO and off-page SEO and all our SEO projects have included B2B marketing of highly complex technology products, non-profit organizations, and much more. Our consultants not only advise you on winning strategies for the ever-changing global marketplace, but also work with you hands-on to implement the change and measure the results when you partner with us. Our experts guide you through each phase of WordPress upgradation step by step, providing advice on technology and application design options while meeting your needs that goes beyond your expectations.

Free Customization Consulting From Experts

Our team of customization consultants for WordPress upgradation make sure that you have a clean and sustainable website through their experience, leadership and guidance. We make your WordPress website faster and help optimize server so that you can get more performance out of your current server.We help companies identify quick, targeted and customized solutions as well as strategic and operational improvements to boost under-performing sales organizations. We help companies at every stage of growth, developing custom solutions for upgrading WordPress and collaborating with all levels of the organization. We specialize in upgrading WordPress and create tremendous value in whatever solutions we provide for WordPress upgradation and bring value to your business by presenting your WordPress website most desirable to your potential as well as existing customers.

Faster Turnaround Time With Quick Response Time

Our complete assistance on the improvement of your website on considerable terms invites appreciable success to your website. We have one of the fastest turnaround time in the industry for WordPress upgradation services with quick response time for all our valuable clients. We enhance your website through sustainable means with all innovative features and implementations that would lead your website to the top most level within a short period of time.We are packed with highly experienced professionals like PHP developers, ASP.net developers, Ajax developers, etc in various tools and technologies for upgrading WordPress. We also ensure the final result is of the desired quality and fulfills, even goes beyond the expectations of our clients.

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