Magento Instance


The background & Challenges:

The Italian Born, German headquartered motorcycle clothing and accessories brand is famous for creating high end motorcycle leather jackets, suits, gloves and boots for riders, with utmost protection and comfort. Prior to Fedobe Arlen Ness used to sell via traditional wholesale channels. Fedobe was introduced to help Arlen Ness create a Omnichannel presence digitally to a global market.

  • Less visible brand identity
  • Distributed online channels with less control
  • Higher operational cost in listing stock
  • Less visible brand identity
  • Low online presence and low conversion

How Fedobe Helped?

1. Magento for Omnichannel

It all started with rebranding the customer experience of the Motorcycle brand’s website, to have a very modern and sporty design, unified across all platforms/devices. Creative direction to get the proper branding out in front of the audience was necessary. Eye catching graphics, big imagery and parallax effects were used on the website to give it a modern touch. 


2. Automation

The distribution channels are connected to Magento to automate product listing, product information management, stock sync and price updates and all these without any human intervention. Arlen Ness inventory status is real time and connected to 2000+ wholesalers via distribution channels.


Results? Strong Omnichannel Branding, Faster Go to Market, Streamlined Operations and more inventory available online for selling.

Fedobe & Arlen Ness Joint Achievements

  • Strong Omnichannel online presence
  • Stock movement from factory to online – 3x faster
  • Reduced Operations cost