2+ Countries

2000+ Channels

5,000+ Inventory

The Europian Cannabis Market Challenges:

According to the fourth European Cannabis Report, 4th Edition from Prohibition Partners, the cannabis market in Europe could grow to a $136 billion industry by 2028 if all European countries legalize medical marijuana and regulate adult-use cannabis by 2023. The European cannabis market could eclipse the combined markets in the U.S. and Canada in the future. To leverage this market opportunity, British retailer Cosmique world chose Magento over woocommerce for its online commerce expansion.

Magento Commerce Deployment for Cosmique:

Creating a truly omnichannel experience was easy with Magento Commerce 2. The British retailer needed to delight their B2C and B2B customers. Magento delivered. The extensions in combination with the powerful native Magento Commerce 2 feature set enabled Cosmique to create a stable base to further grow. Cosmique uses Magento’s International commerce features to expand into multiple geographies across Europe and B2B solutions to connect its Wholesale, manufacturers, resellers at one single dashboard.

A strong foundation for the future & Europe Expansion

As additional stakeholders are transitioned on to the Magento eCommerce platform, the company will leverage the B2B and multi site capabilities to support additional sales channels and geographies. Customers will enjoy personalized experiences allowing them to quickly and easily find and purchase exactly what they need, wherever they need it.

“ We are now able to offer our B2B and B2C clients relevant products on our Cosmique website, through one central transactional environment and that looks promising to us”

Peter Hodgson
VP, Operations, Cosmique World