5+ Stores

20+ Channels

20,000+ Inventory

The South American eCommerce Background & Challenges:

Being in an emerging market like South America, The Brazilian retailer Queropreco had been in ecommerce business for over 8+ years. When eCommerce was primitive, they had become one of the early adapters of digital commerce. But as the market grew over the period of time, the challenges for Queropreco began to grow exponentially. Multiple warehouses, multiple offline stores (to take them online) and ever growing operations for private label brands started to drag the overall YoY growth of the business.

Magento Commerce Deployment for Queropreco:

With Magento Commerce, Queropreco merged all of their B2B stakeholders at one place and started to manage their multiple offline stores and private labels from one single dashboard. Vendor management became seamless and online bulk buying became friction free. Previously a B2B order which was taking days to place, was being placed in minutes. Magento gave their B2B customers a greater insight into product details and inventory levels. It helped export and import products in bulk, which was important for a large inventory. The store ERPs are now integrated with Magento to ensure customers have real-time product and pricing that are consistent with other sales channels. Now their B2B sales operation is streamlined and it has reduced their operational expenses by 4x in 6 months of deployment.

A strong foundation for the future & South America Expansion

As additional stakeholders are transitioned on to the Magento eCommerce platform, the company will leverage the B2B and multi site capabilities to support additional sales channels and geographies. Customers will enjoy personalized experiences across the suite of brands allowing them to quickly and easily find and purchase exactly what they need, wherever they need it.

“ If anybody knows Magento inside out, it’s Fedobe. Its been years working with them now. We are really happy with their work in converging our physical and digital stores. ”

Highson Menezes
Manager, Queropreco, Brazil