Fedobe brings its successful sustainability platform, Open-Innovators.org to Sweden

Open-Innovators.org is a platform for businesses that adhere to the United Nation’s Development Program’s (UNDP) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The platform is a collaborative approach to sustainability, powered by Fedobe’s matured software frameworks which are offered free of cost, to back the SDGs.

Mayeda Jamal, Sustainability Lead at Open-Innovators.org

“Promoting Sustainability lies at the core of the initiative. We work only with companies that embrace the UN’s sustainability goals in some way”, says Mayeda Jamal, Sustainability Lead at Open-Innovators.org.

“The frameworks have been built over the years and we are probably the only company to offer these completely free in support of the UNDP SDGs. The frameworks reduce your cost and time-to-market in areas like eCommerce, Supply Chain Automation, Warehouse and Logistics Management as well as upselling through personalization services using AI, ML and Behavioral Analytics”, says Joydeep Dash, CEO of Fedobe.

Open-Innovators.org as a collaborative platform makes it possible for businesses needing help to connect with leading e-Commerce experts, sustainability advisors and investors to align with SDG’s, validate their business plan and reduce the cost of software development and support services.

“Through our initiative, Open-innovators.org, it is going to be extremely cost effective for companies that want to go online. We reduce the cost of projects tremendously and it is something that new and/or already established SMEs can greatly benefit from when they have the ambition to take their businesses online”, says Mayeda Jamal, who is the Sustainability Lead at Open-Innovators.org.

The Fedobe frameworks are built on the internationally leading e-Commerce technology Magento, which is recently being taken over by Adobe. Fedobe has over 10 years of experience in Magento and e-Commerce. The frameworks are built over the past 6 years.

“Promoting Sustainability lies at the core of the initiative. We work only with companies that embrace the UN’s sustainability goals in some way”, says Mayeda Jamal.

Ecociate is one of the consulting companies that specializes in sustainable products and uses Open-Innovators.org’s frameworks to power their business.

“Though we were excited about the need for a digital platform for safe and organic food and eco-friendly products and services, which could connect different stakeholders to consumers, to create a cloud-based platform seemed daunting and needed high investments. Thanks to Fedobe’s frameworks, we had set out to this exercise in phases and started on our journey. We are pleased with the journey so far and the inputs received till now, though this is only the beginning. We are happy to have a thinking partner like Fedobe which proactively supports us with ideas and technology to back them.”, says Kirti Prasanna Mishra, Cofounder of Ecociate.

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