gets analyzed by students of Integrated Programme in Management (IPM)

The Indian Institute of Management, collectively called the IIMs, and other top business schools in India are now actively utilizing Business Line on Campus (BLoC) initiative to provide real, hands-on training to their graduates. BLoC is an interactive mentoring and learning platform created for developing business skills of future business leaders and entrepreneurs. It organizes contests that are designed to challenge the participants to take on the roles of various CXOs, step into a corner office, and brainstorm with their Board members to solve a real-life problem. BLoC contests are organized across various cities in India, where teams from the top Business schools participate. recently became one of the entries in the business case analysis contest, “PRECipice” , organized by BLoC. The case was analyzed by a team of IPM students at the Indian Institute of Management, Indore. Before describing the growth strategy, the participants quote the Business and Sustainable Development Commission’s report “Better Business, Better World (2017)”, stating that “achieving the Global Goals opens up an economic prize of at least US$12 trillion by 2030 for the private sector. 50% of this prize is located in the developing countries.”

“We are certainly surprised and impressed with the results. With the short exposure to the subject, the level of understanding and in-depth analysis shows how involved the team were in this event. The suggestions have been wide, ranging from target markets to pick, to positioning, packaging and pricing. We have carved out a list of actionable plans from these suggestions and are certain that these will influence our future road map. That’s how seriously we take them.” says Guru Sanket Biswal, CTO of Fedobe.

The growth and expansion strategies suggested by the participants can be applicable to all companies like Fedobe and, that are trying to promote alignment of businesses with the Global Goals. The key suggestion is for the CXOs of businesses to take on the Global Goals as a personal agenda, and as an essential part of their growth strategy. This is the only way forward if we are to even come close to achieving the Global Goals. The experience also highlights the importance of collaborating with institutional partners such as top business schools across geographies. is today one of the business leaders trying to create a bridge between the developed and developing economies, facilitating free knowledge sharing and collaborative authoring of solutions. Hopefully many such bridges can be built, once the private sector completely, whole heartedly commits to the Global Goals.

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