Attain a one commerce strategy that spans through every touch point both digital and physical.

Shoppers are channel blind. Todays shoppers want to purchase goods wherever they want, through any channel (in store, online, via app) and expect a seamless experience throughout – an omnichannel shopping experience.

With digital and physical shopping channels being converged, it is not practical for the retailers to achieve omnichannel if they do not opt for a single solution that ties every aspect of every channel together – including order fulfillment, inventory management and customer experience.


Consumer demand for unified experience with no gaps across any channels (website, in-store, app, mobile, social media) in terms of availability of products, prices and services is driving omnichannel commerce to be more essential today. No matter how complex is the consumer journey, retailers who are able to bridge the missing gaps between these multiple channels are able to drive their business growth and winning this commerce game.

Key Deliverable:

1. Mobile first website connected to all channels.

2. Integrate PoS with Magento for a unified in-store and digital experience.

3. One central platform to Manage orders & stock across all channels. dynamically.

4. Unified branding across all connected platforms for seamless customer experience.


Today’s digital commerce demands to stay ahead of your competition and provide a wide range of inventory options with real-time stock availability, integrate drop ship vendors, and multiple shipping options as per your customers’ convenience. We simplify the way you manage your global commerce supply chain with a strong supply chain foundation framework, making your global expansion a local affair and drive your revenue growth.

Key Deliverable:

1. Integrate various sales channels with Magento to build one single source for orders, inventory and fulfillment.

2. Flexible fulfillment options, and intelligent sourcing with automated business logic.

3. Manage your global inventory at one centralized platform.

4. Inventory aggregation to segment by channel – to better manage what gets sold where.


Today, the B2B market is crowded. According to Magento, 93% of B2B buyers prefer to purchase online using a hassle-free, easy platform, directly from vendors.At Fedobe, we cover B2B and B2C implementations for your eCommerce, which includes seamless management of key accounts, channel partners, smart order & inventory management, quote management & engaging customer experience on multiple devices.

Key Deliverable:

1. Easy, ready to deploy configurations for multiple vendor, brand management

2. Seamless, intuitive order management system for fast checkout

3. Custom catalogs and payment method configurations

4. Seamless integrations, connecting all devices (online + physical)


Global expansion is challenging and resource savvy. While you enjoy success locally, there is a huge opportunity you might be missing to offer your products globally, to an international audience. At Fedobe, we enable you for international commerce by taking your brand experiences global. You can efficiently manage multiple currencies, language, payment gateways, shipping, customs and more, just at your fingertip.

Key Deliverable:

1. Configure multiple websites per country/region/market as per your need

2. Support for multiple international currencies & 150+ languages.

3. Separate Payment methods and shipping carrier options per country.

4. Quick integration with various APIs and platforms.


Customer acquisition and customer retention are two of the foremost challenges for all marketers. Take smart data driven business decisions with Magento’s powerful business intelligence analytics solutions. Remove the dev-ops hassle in handling complex data sets with a real time analytics dashboard, having striking visualizations. 

Key Deliverable:

1. Get a cloud based data analytics dashboard to visualize real time data from anywhere.

2. Build your complete data repository that spans across customer, catalog & content.

3. Run cross channel marketing campaigns to drive customer engagement.

4. Personalize the customer experience at scale with automated marketing campaigns.


The digital creative production landscape is changing rapidly, with inspiring content production and fast execution across channels. At Fedobe, starting from creating a unified and compelling identity for a brand to execute a truly omnichannel design flow, we understand your brand positioning and get it right before your audience.

Key Deliverable:

1. A compelling brand identity to enable a unified and controlled branding across all consumer channels.

2. A unified, responsive, conversion friendly user experience across all digital channels.

3. full cycle digital production services to translate your brand’s creative ideas in to marketing materials.

4. Better product planning, sourcing, designing, catalog curation etc to manage your entire production process.